Heres To You Dad

Dated: 06/15/2018

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Are you ready to celebrate Father’s Day? This year, the “old man’s” day falls on Sunday, June 17. Depending on your dad’s interests, you may have a lot of planning to do, or you’re prepared to enjoy a simple day in. Whatever your Father’s Day plans, we have some great articles any dad will love! 

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Things I Learned From My Dad

What was the most important thing your dad taught you? How to drive in the snow? What to say in a job interview? That family is the most important thing? Some of the most important lessons we learn in life come from our fathers and father figures.

How to Plan the Best Father's Day

Looking for an awesome free printable Father’s Day card? What about some inspiration for fun activities you can do with dad? Woman’s Day has you covered! From barbecue recipes to creative cakes, planning the perfect Father’s Day has never been easier.

The Origins of Father’s Day

Father’s Day became a federal holiday in the United States when Richard Nixon signed a proclamation in 1972. This was 62 years after the first Father’s Day celebration was spearheaded by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910 and 4,000 years after the first Father’s Day card was written in Babylon. The history of Father’s Day is as fascinating as the men this holiday honors.

Just for Fun: Dad Jokes to Make You Laugh (or Groan)

We’re not sure how the term “dad joke” came to mean “bad pun,” but it’s pretty accurate. Just look at some of the finest — and most groan-inducing — dad jokes on the internet.

To all the phenomenal dads out there,


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